A Word from the Organizing Committee

The undeniable success of previous Congresses on Spinal Lesions was due in no small part to the development of advanced technology and surgical methods.

We aim at bringing together leading specialists from around the world ( Neuroradiologists, Neurosurgeons, Orthopaedic Surgeons and Specialists for Rehabilitation) to discuss the current options, and to exchange experiences in their particular field.

As our venue, we have selected the best location, the pearl of the Middle East, offering dynamic progress combined with a high level of security.

The Congress would never be complete without exhibitors, providing the finest and latest state-of-the-art interventional instrumentations, imaging systems and surgical instrumentation. Therefore, we invite you, esteemed contributors, to join us in order to turn this Congress into an overwhelming success.

In this package, we detail the many ways in which your company can increase its exposure during our Congress.

The package is our attempt at helping you decide which level of exposure you desire. You have an unparalleled chance of reaching your targeted market for three continuous days in one location, at minimum cost.

In spite of all the advances made in spinal lesion treatment, the mountain remains ahead of us. This makes a congress like ours that much more relevant today than it was in the past. Your contribution is essential in providing the facility in diagnostical and surgical treatment with beneficial results for the patient.

We look forward to seeing you in Teheran in February 2011.

Congress Brochure

Statutes of EMENSS

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